Saturday, August 28, 2010


Ever wondered what would happen
If a person lost track of the truth?
If everything he said was a lie,
Inaccurate and uncouth?

Welcome people to the Labor Party
An unrepresentative swill.
Distortions, untruths, exaggerations,
Leading our great nation downhill.

The fish rots from the head, they say
And the decay quickly heads south,
And Kevin Rudd can't help but lie
Every time he opens his mouth.

His lies and spin caught up with him
And his popularity quickly slumped
To honest folk he became toxic
And he was unceremoniously dumped!

But Rudd refused to heed the lesson
And be honest with what he'd say
He continues to play loose with the truth
Right up to this very day.

On the night of the recent election
As he gloated in his narrow win
His smugness shone through as usual
Much to my chagrin.

Rudd spoke of a small swing against him
"Between one and two percent"
When in fact the swing was 9.2
Again Rudd tries to misrepresent.

Rudd went on to mention, straight faced,
The "one percent swing suffered by the Libs"
Another lie, a blatant untruth,
A man habitually telling fibs.

In fact the Libs gained 2.5%
As the leaking Rudd slipped 9.2
He's as big a liar as Gillard & Swan
Labor liars; they're nothing new.

All through the election campaign
We were subjected to distortions & spin,
The dishonest corrupt ALP
Will say "whatever it takes" to win.

Article outlining Rudd's lies here:

Monday, August 23, 2010

On the Edge

The result of the election is on a knifes edge
Every vote a potential decider
Like a suicidal jumper teetered on the ledge
Each decision has repercussions much wider

Our fate seems to rest in the hands of 3 men
Independents, men of strong stature
Though many people have never heard of them
We are all enveloped in this rapture

14 million Australians casting their votes
In hope of a better Australia
And despite the hope democracy promotes
In this case it’s been an abject failure

The incumbent government copped its right whack
Losing 15 seats in one bloody night
Despite the Labor Party being put on the rack
Neither party can rule in their own right

So with massive swings against the ALP
The people rejecting their ineptitude
Nobody could imagine or even foresee
That essentially we’re all being screwed

The people have clearly rejected this mob
Sick of the incompetence and waste
The Governor General must do her job
And kick them out of office, post haste

Unless a compromise is reached with Windsor & Co
And they saddle up with the Coalition
We’re doomed to 3 more years of quid quo pro
And complete economic abolition

Saturday, August 7, 2010

10 reasons why....

The first reason I want Labor to come crashing with a thud:
To rid us of the neurotic narcissist Kevin Rudd.

The next reason is because Labor is a horrible choice:
And we must be spared from Julia's annoying voice.

Number 3, we must recover from this economic pain:
And be saved from the incompetent goose Wayne.

4th, we're assured of a financial future less flimsy:
Thank goodness for the retirement of incompetent Lindsay.

The fifth reason is to rid us of a government that's sleazy:
All the lies & mistruths from guys like Albanese.

Next we must be spared from policies and beliefs wrong:
Like Climate Change 'crap' and the arrogant Penny Wong.

Number 7 reason is the waste and failed policies again:
Such as Conroy and his wastful & uncosted NBN.

8th reason is Labor Ministers, repeat the mantra like a parrot:
Like the man who bet his soul and lost, the once talented Peter Garrett.

The ninth reason is to rid us of divisive Labor factions:
That lumbered us with morons like Shorten, Crean and Macklin.

Finally, and I feel most strongly about this one in particular:
I'm sick of the condescending smugness of Plibersek & Nicola.

10 reasons to consider, so please don't cast your vote in haste:
Consider the broken promises, the in-fighting, debt and waste.

Dogs Eats Their Own Sh!t!

Hawke hates Keating, and Bob can't stand Paul
It's fascinating to witness this bitter public brawl
While Gough's indisposed in an old person's home
The infirm Labor Party continues to eat it's own

Gillard knifes Rudd, Kevin can't stand Jules
Who on earth would vote for this pack of fools?
Latham can't stand Rudd, and Kevin hates Mark
The contrast between Liberal & Labor could not be more stark

One is a party determined to pull itself apart
The other is a party with unity at it's heart
One party has a leader with blood on her hands
And a culture of hatred which nobody understands

One has a record of great economic prosperity
The other backflips often with great dexterity
So when it comes to casting your vote on August 21st
Don't re-elect this rabble to which we've been cursed

Labor is full of bitterness and vitriol
Whose only concern is next week's Newspoll
If the current leader isn't delivering good polling
In come the assassins to get the heads rolling

A history of in-fighting and old bitter feuds
Ex-leaders, ex-PM's & their public bad moods
So while Bob, Paul, Julia & Kevin may deny it
In the Labor Party, these dogs eat their own sh!t!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rudd Buries the Hatchet

6th August, 2010

I'm back!! Roll out the red carpet
Feel blessed that I'm back in the throng
Recovered from surgery for stab wounds
Determined to prove people wrong

Whilst under general anaesthetic
I had the most incredible dream
That I'd been deposed as the PM
Actions, by factions, extreme

'Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle' Julia
What do you mean I've been sacked?
You think you'll do a good job as PM
And provide what my leadership lacked?

'Stone the Crows' Jules, I'm shattered
I was loving being in charge
You can take over the shambles
The waste and incompetence large

You know something? I'm making a comeback
But having said that, let me say this
I'll get Labor back in this campaign
I know you think I'm taking the piss..

But 'Don't come the Raw Prawn' with me mate
That's when the 'Rubber hits the Road'
I'll just 'Rock 'n Roll' with the punches
And quietly undermine the red-headed toad!

I'll hog the limelight and headlines
Show them all I'm a 'Jack of all Trades'
And as soon as Julia turns her back
I'll 'Bury the Hatchet' between her shoulder blades

As you reach for the 'Low Hanging Fruit'
I'll put my 'Shoulder to the Wheel' once again
Then I'll bump off Swan & Shorten
And once more I'll be the PM!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Domino Effect

"The Domino Effect refers to change, possibly small in itself, that will cause a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence, by analogy to a falling row of dominoes standing on end. The Australian Labor Government's lack of detail in implementing flawed and rushed policies is such an effect. Consider each flawed, rushed & mismanaged project as a single domino. As each policy unravels in a sea of debt, rorts, waste, mismanagement, deaths and cover ups, the domino effect comes into play. As each domino falls forward it knocks the next domino (ie: flawed policy) down, thus compounding the impact of each of the failed Labor policies. Labor call this 'Moving Forward'. Realists call it a DISASTER".

Arthur McArthur
4th August, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Puppeteers

August 3rd, 2010

Mark Arbib of nimble hand
The true ruler of our land
Carefully controlling our PM
Make her sit then stand again

Bill Shorten on a mission
Driven only by his own ambition
First get Rudd out of the way
Ready to pounce on judgement day

Paul Howes the puppeteer
The Labor Party engineer
In control of every move
As Rudd's assassination proved

Bruce Hawker, image maker
Smooth talker, deal breaker,
The 'fake' routine didn't fool ya,
So he designs the 'real' Julia

The faceless men behind the scene
Driving the ALP machine
All this proves just one thing:
She's just a puppet on a string

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Ghosts of Past Masters

August 2nd, 2010

I buried that dagger deep in his back
He's gone forever, he ain't coming back
I'm sure he's in hell, not pergatory or heaven
We've definitely seen the last of Kevin07

Just like the disaster that was Mark Latham
These ghosts from the past, I really do hate them
Please let's move on, that story's been told
Swept under the carpet, with Medicare Gold

I'm PM now and we're changing tack
We're 'Moving Forward', we ain't looking back
The Latham/Rudd years were unmitigated disasters
But that'll all change now I killed off both masters

I'll waltz into office with a mandate for change
The deckchairs on the Titanic I'll quickly rearrange
Make a deal with the miner's and half-baked solutions
To stop the boats and stop the Carbon 'pollution'

It's all going swimmingly, the polls say it's working
But reality hits home, the voters see that I'm shirking
Shallow motherhood statements and cynical quick fixes
Just more bad policy, deceptive elixirs

The polls begin to take a downward trend
Then the ghosts of the past start to ascend
Internal leaks and divisions appear
Familiar voices in my head I'm starting to hear

I'm hearing strange voices, a headache does thud
In one ear it's Latham, in the other it's Rudd
Two men I supported, then stabbed in the back
Now they're out to get me, a bilateral attack

Latham's enjoying kicking Rudd while he's down
Ensuring Labor disunity is the talk of the town
And Rudd's feeding stories to Attila the Hun
Any inroads I'd made have been quickly undone

Labor disunity once again exposed
All the ghosts from the past juxtaposed
If it's not Keating & Hawke trading verbal insults
It's Latham & Rudd exposing character faults

It's little wonder people are leaving Labor in droves
This vindictive behaviour is what it behoves
This all goes to show we're just disloyal fakes
Hell bent on doing 'Whatever it Takes'

So as I lie awake at night restless in bed
With Hawke, Keating, Latham & Rudd in my head
The reality hits home I'm not worthy of this job
Australians deserves better than my incompetent mob