Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A Prime Minister with absolutely no idea
Making our quality of life quickly disappear
Instead of leading this country with strength & vision
She’s bogged down with inertia and indecision

A Treasurer lacking any rational clue
He clearly has no idea what he should do
Wasting taxpayers money on inane schemes
You couldn’t make this stuff up in your wildest dreams

A deputy Treasurer with an unfulfilled ambition
He’ll stop at nothing to be the top Politician
He’ll knife anyone and everyone who gets in his way
First Rudd, next Gillard: it’s Groundhog Day!

A Foreign Minister with a chip on his shoulder
His hatred and anger a slow-burning smoulder
Travelling at will all over the globe
As the throbbing increases in his temporal lobe

A Health Minister who loves to speak like a tramp
You could list her achievements on a postage stamp
Over 3 years in the job and despite lots to say
She’s done nothing with hospitals in the true Labor way

A Finance Minister with an arrogant streak
Failed with the ETS and copped much deserved critique
But like all Labor MP’s she plays the spin game
Good at avoiding scrutiny and deflecting the blame

The big bald rock star remains on the front bench
But he’s badly tainted, emitting a foul smoke-filled stench
Now Minister for Schools, his survival does astound
Let’s hope he doesn’t burn the school halls to the ground

How did we end up with this inept crew?
What is it about Labor Governments and Déjà vu?
Waste, infighting, corruption and fiddling the books
When will voters wake up to these useless crooks?

Sunday, December 19, 2010


2010 has been a most incredible year
Particularly in the Australian political sphere
A sitting PM was thrown out on his ear
And an election delivered a result most unclear

A first-term government lost 16 seats
The most unique and humiliating of historical feats
But they somehow managed to offset the defeats
By offering 2 independents untold treats

A 5.4% swing against the Labor rules
Was not enough to convince those 2 fools
Even young children in primary schools
Could see the voters had no desire for Jules

But Gillard got the nod from the 2 independents
As the duo revelled in their own ascendance
Despite the conservative leanings of their electorate
They were a party to this deceptive protectorate

So we’re stuck with this mob of unlimited incompetence
Who’ve shattered stability, destroyed people’s confidence
Wasted billions of dollars on inane and bad schemes
Fiscal rectitude? They wouldn’t even know what it means

Now as our standard of living slips into arrears
After Labor’s been in power for just over 3 years
We cast our minds back to the prosperous Howard years
And realise this government is the sum of all fears

We’ve now got $174 billion in escalating debt
And so many failed policies, who could forget?
Border security weakened to appease bleeding hearts
The number of people in detention is off the charts* *(refer diagram below)

This government has lots of blood on its hands
As many an Australian ruefully understands
Insulation installers electrocuted in roofs
200+ boat people drowned, unspeakable proofs

Grocery Choice, Fuel Watch, the BER rorts
ETS, NBN: wasteful bubbles of thoughts
Water reform, Mining Tax, the ‘Education Revolution’
Child Care, Super Clinics, so much inane convolution

So many of their ‘reforms’ remain up in the air
Unfulfilled promises, a Government in disrepair
We continue to suffer at the hands of their doctrinaire
And many ordinary Australians have a feeling of despair

We started the year with a verbose & useless Prime Minister
Who was killed off by faceless men and a deputy sinister
She assumed the top job by backstabbing Rudd
But has proven to be an even more incompetent dud

She has a surprising inability to lead with conviction
And rules a party riddled with contradiction
It’s not too much of a stretch to make this prediction;
The faceless men will soon plan her crucifixion

So as the tumultuous 2010 soon ends
I want to say to Andrew Bolt and his blog friends
Maintain the passion, and act without fear
And hope the coalition is in power by the end of next year

A safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
To you and your loved ones, best wishes sincere
Thanks for all your support this year throughout
This is Arthur McArthur: over and out!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


There are bodies afloat at Christmas Island
More lives lost due to inane Labor policy
Don’t make it political, even though it’s political
Such excuses are just myth and fallacy

There’s a smashed up boat at Christmas Island
Three metre waves drowning people’s powers
“The Prime Minister’s cut short her holiday”
But she went missing for the next 24 hours

There’s blood on the hands of our Government
Which changed perfectly legitimate laws
Flotsam and Jetsam line the coastline out there
But it doesn’t cover up Labor policy flaws

There’s a fool named David Marr on the TV
Blaming this tragedy on the Navy rescue fleet
But if Labor hadn’t weakened our borders
We wouldn’t have to listen to his lies and deceit

It’s not 'Happy Christmas' at Christmas Island
Santa Claus won’t be visiting the tragic kids
A government with no control or credibility
Has put our once-great country on the skids

There are many angry people around this country
Angry at Gillard’s reckless policy behaviour
Playing politics with innocent people’s lives
She’s a disgrace to all of Australia

There’s blood on the rocks at Christmas Island
Women, men and children have drowned
Don’t make it political, even though it’s political
Or the lefties will shout you down

There’s a hypocrite in the office of Prime Minister
Calling for “bipartisan support” to get her out of the shit
But it’s her policy which is responsible for this tragic event
And she must immediately quit

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

(Wiki) Leaking on Rudd

Political careers experience troughs & peaks
As friends & foes examine one’s techniques
Depending on the height of office one seeks
MP’s must now be cautious of ‘WikiLeaks’

Julian Assange and his global team of sleuths
Freedom fighters, some oldies, some youths
Are determined to reveal secret truths
To inform us as we line up at polling booths

Top secrets exposed by whistle blowing
Politicians & diplomats caught out, unknowing
Weaknesses and doubts suddenly showing
Amongst reports which once were glowing

As more and more secrets are leaked
More arcanum exposed by the week
We can expect another Rudd fit of pique
As he’s described as a “bungling control freak”

Rudd’s “significant blunders” should worry you
As should his blatant disrespect of George W
He’s tragically failed his diplomatic peer review
And his exposure as a dud is long overdue

I hope ‘WikiLeaks’ leads to Rudd being destroyed
To witness that I would be overjoyed
It’d be a pleasure one couldn’t avoid
To see the dangerous egomaniac unemployed

For a man who craves constant validation
The biggest narcissist in our great nation
Rudd will call for Assange’s immediate castration
Whilst Gillard should demand Rudd’s resignation

Australians knew Rudd has personality disorders
But now the secret’s not confined to our borders
And Rudd’s drowning in unchartered waters
Exposed globally by the Wiki marauders