Saturday, February 26, 2011


“There will be no carbon tax under my government”
A comment assertive and unambiguous
“I will introduce a price on carbon next year”
A lie so grand, so dishonest and duplicitous

“It’s just hysteria stirred up by the opposition”
Was Swan’s clear and decisive remark
“This is the right thing to do” he now says
About the enormous tax on which he’s about to embark

Bob Brown, whose party won just one seat in the House
Stands tall and proud at the podium
With his deputy Julia by his side
He’s an image bound to incite odium

We have a liar as our Prime Minister
Inept, incompetent and dishonourable
She is a disgrace to the highest office in the land
As her behaviour becomes increasingly intolerable

A slave to the Greens, a slave to the factions
She’s modern Labor to a tee
A trail of debt & destruction in just 3.5 years
This shemozzle must stop, ASAP

To stand in front of this nation
And to speak with such brazen dishonesty
To say she doesn’t want to play ‘word games’
Is just cynical and corrupt polity

Cost of living pressures are hurting families
As Labor can’t manage the economies of scale
Labor’s solution to the pressures we face?
To tax the air we breathe in and exhale

Big fat lies will cut you down to size
Gillard, we’re sick of your blatant knavery
You and your party are gutless and inept
You lack dignity, honesty and bravery

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


How often can one man be wrong
Before his credibility ends up in the toilet?
His ‘expert’ opinion falls flat once again
But don’t let repeated failures spoil it…

At what stage will people start to ignore
This ‘expert’ who thinks he knows best?
That this “Weather Maker” is a scare mongerer
Just feathering his own nest

Somehow passed off as an expert on climate
When in fact he’s just a mammologist
This guru has wormed his way into our psyche
As a leading Global Warming apologist

Yet for an ‘expert’ his track record’s disastrous
A long list of discredited predictions
Flying all over the world to spread his false words
The man is full of lies and contradictions

His forecasts of gloom have fallen exceedingly flat
Saying dams would be empty in years
But with over 70% water supply nationally
His credibility quickly disappears

“Adelaide will run out of water
By the year 2009”
At 77% dam capacity
This fool should cease to opine

And Brisbane’s dams are bursting at the seams
After rains he said we’d never again witness
You can’t help but question this ‘experts’ veracity
His knowledge, his credentials and mental fitness

“Build desal plants” he boldly instructed
“To protect against dangerous global warming”
They’re now in mothballs or under water
Billions wasted by Labor Governments blindly conforming

His mate Ruddy gave him $90 million
To support his ‘geodynamics’ obsession
But that all ended up being a lot of hot air
Yet another failure, another indiscretion

Perth would become a “ghost metropolis”
And human civilisation would have to start from scratch
“We must stop burning these nasty fossil fuels
Sorry, I’ve got another plane to catch…”

“Major cities will be under water
The Arctic will be without ice
Sea waters will rise and islands will drown”
Who one earth would seek this man’s advice?

He likes to surround himself with like-minded fools
So I suppose it came as no surprise then, didn’t it?
That as Gillard prepares to introduce her big new green tax
Flannery’s been hired to be her useful idiot

The government pays this fraudster
To play to people's worst fears
But admits any useless carbon tax
Would do nothing for 1000 years!

Friday, February 11, 2011


A man stands accused of a horrible act
It’s there, it’s on tape, an indisputable fact
The man is a disgrace, an ‘insensitive’ fool
He’s ashamedly broken the golden rule

The man really should be run out of town
For being such an inconsiderate clown
For using the death of a digger for political gain
For grabbing a headline at the cost of others pain

Stuck for words for his disgraceful behaviour
Searching for excuses, searching for a saviour
Unsure how to react and find the right words to say
The man stares down the camera a look of dismay

Forced to explain his actions, and rightly so
This sad exhibition should be a career-ending blow
All credibility gone, a long career suddenly rotten
This act of bastardry will not be forgotten

This ‘gotcha’ moment grabbed headlines everywhere
As the man was caught completely unaware
Unaware his words & actions would cause such outrage
And cause so many people to disengage

This man is a disgrace to his occupation
A disgrace to himself, a disgrace to the nation
To sink to such lows, to be so inconsiderate
To act in such a way, so callous, so deliberate

To stand there with arrogance, so holier than thou
Unable to say ‘why’? Unwilling to explain ‘how?’
Shit happens, I suppose, but this is out of place
Such behaviour deserves a smack in the face

We expect much better of people in public positions
Particularly the media and respect for politicians
Will this man apologise? I doubt very highly,
The man is a disgrace. The man is Mark Riley.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Watch the clocks but don’t answer the phone
Give the dog a pat and a big meaty bone
Twinkle the piano and bang the drum
The blog is back, let Bolta come.

Let aeroplanes buzz above in pitch black
Scribbling on the sky the message
He is Back.
Put down your coffee and tap on the keys,
Send Andrew a message, say what you please.

The blog is my North, my South, my East and West,
There are other blogs, but Bolta’s is best.
His insights are lyrical, like music & song
I was worried he’d be gone forever:
I was wrong.

Piers & Tim are not needed now, it’s been fun,
Andrew’s as bright as the moon, as brilliant as the sun ,
As strong as the ocean, producing the goods:
Showing that under Labor nothing can come to any good.

With utmost respect to W.H.Auden