Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Winningest of Losers

I can run faster than you, but I can't win the race
I've got you covered, but you I cannot displace
I got more votes than you, but you win the election
You promise stability, I sense insurrection

My party won 14 seats, yours lost 16
Your promise of credibility will never be seen
The voters swung to me, they swung against you
You scraped in with the Independents 'pas de deux'

So as you "open the curtains to let in the light"
I promise you you're in for one hell of a fight
Your lame coalition with the lunatic fringe
Will see your 'stable' government quickly unhinge

You can have Oakeshott, he's clearly unstable
And while Wilkie is willing, he is clearly unable
Windsor's been sucked in by his cousin spinmeister
And watch your back with Rudd; he's still the same shyster

So I'll sit back and watch as you slowly implode
This disastrous government I confidently forebode
Bad leadership, poor policies and mismanagement
As the Labor deficit and debt continues to augment

So whilst I offer you my most sincere congratulations
Don't get too far ahead of yourself with your aspirations
To the dustbin of history you will be consigned
And next time I'll be first across the finishing line

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