Monday, October 11, 2010


Tony Abbott has been laying low
Since Oakeshott delivered his deathly blow
A rock and a hard place, he’s been stuck between
We’ve been wondering where the fighter’s been

But the pugilist is back, all guns blazing
The beast has awoken, it’s quite amazing
That he’s managed to remain so controlled & stoic
In light of the cruelty of a campaign so heroic

He fought the unwinnable election and almost prevailed
And who’d have predicted the mayhem that entailed
As the Labor crony machine moved into top gear
And exposed the Independents as self-serving racketeers

But enough is enough, according to Tone
He’ll no longer tolerate big Red’s abuse of the throne
Her lies and distortions behind a mask of deceit
As Labor lackeys in the media gather at her feet

And no matter what you think of Gillard’s appointment
Her first 100 days in office are a huge disappointment
She lacks gravitas and style, and although you may scoff
It’s high time she took her ‘L’ plates off

She must get rid of the laugh and well-rehearsed grin
Leadership & direction is why she was put in
Not to denigrate Abbott and score cheap political points
Because as your lies are exposed, it just disappoints

So stop the muckraking and telling tales out of school
You’ll quickly realise that Abbott is nobody’s fool
Stop the lies and the ‘bastardry’, such behaviour is madness,
Or the fighter, Tony Abbott, will knock you to the canvas.

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