Saturday, October 30, 2010

1073 DAYS

We’ve had a Rudd/Gillard government for 1073 days.
How have they failed us? Let us count the ways…
The list of outright failures amounts to plenty,
And it all started with the farcical ‘Summit 2020’.

A lot of hot air and the first of many flops
Just like the claim all schoolkids would get laptops.
The ‘Education Revolution’ proved nothing of the sort,
Just more empty words, another bubble of thought.

To appease the greenies, and try to get more support,
Rudd threatens to take Japan to the International Court.
But like all of his ideas, it just gets more absurd,
It all amounts to zero, just more hollow words.

Health was next on Rudd’s pursuit of a headline,
And mid-2009 was his nominated deadline,
“I’ll take over the hospitals if this is how it stays”
Raid the state coffers, create more malaise.

2 more populist ideas Rudd managed to botch:
The crap GroceryChoice and the dumb FuelWatch.
The promise of GP Super Clinics all over the place,
More broken promises, more egg on Rudd’s face.

“One-stop Childcare”; yet another thought bubble,
Sounded good at the time, just more ALP trouble.
Easing the laws on our Border Protection
Will appeal to the left: more ‘ideological perfection’.

Only one small problem with that lame idea:
People smuggler’s realised it’s easier to get in here.
Boatloads arrive, another ideological defeat.
Detention centres full; they’ll build one in your street.

Climate Change, the “great threat of our generation”,
Too hard to address for the Copenhagen congregation.
The ETS threat exposes Rudd’s lack of conviction,
And the ‘great big new tax’ leads to his crucifixion.

Gillard’s BER plan flushes billions down the drain,
People rorting the system, riding the Labor gravy train.
Just like the home insulation, an unmitigated disaster,
And the huge debt was growing, faster and faster.

So to add to the cost blow out, we get the NBN
Another Rudd thought-bubble, here we go again!
Hi-speed broadband for every civilian,
At the miserly cost of just $43 billion!

No cost-benefit analysis: Conroy’s ironically funny
When he says that idea is a ‘waste of taxpayer’s money’.
Apparently $43 billion is not such a waste,
As technology evolves at a frightening pace.

So in another 10 years when the NBN is complete,
The odds are such technology will be obsolete.
It’ll be the most expensive white elephant Australia has seen,
And the cost blowouts & waste will be most obscene.

Soon $100 billion+ was our accumulated debt,
And the moron Wayne Swan was not finished yet,
As government debt became a budget cataclysm,
Our useless Treasurer should’ve been sent to prison!

So the moron presented the great “mining tax”,
And distorted the rationale, misrepresented the facts,
It’s nothing more than a cash-grab to balance the books,
Another useless idea by a useless bunch of crooks.

As you assess this long list, you see Labor is rotten,
I’m sure there’s many other stuff ups that I’ve forgotten,
So when next you go to vote, act with strong volition,
Remember this list, and choose the Coalition.

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