Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gillard Amounts to Nothing

Exactly what has she done to have risen so high?
I struggle to fathom, no matter how hard I try.
Her record is littered with failures and waste,
Seems her lofty status is badly misplaced.

As a leading hand in the Socialist Forum,
An industrial lawyer, sadly lacking decorum.
A hard-headed leftie with communist persuasions,
A lack of judgement exposed on many occasions.

She backed Simon Crean, she championed Beasley,
She switched allegiances to Latham ever-so easily.
She’d swing in the breeze, and keep her head low,
Yet somehow her reputation would continue to grow.

And when it comes to taking decisive actions,
She’s more interested in pathetic distractions.
A ridiculous hairstyle and a pathetic girly laugh,
Avoid the hard questions: “Ask my chief of staff”.

But one can only fly under the radar for so long,
Before people start to realise that something is wrong.
‘We’ve got a highly rated MP with a record of failure’,
Pulling the wool over the eyes of all of Australia.

In the opposition corner, one’s power is restricted,
The chance to make a ‘real’ difference is somewhat constricted.
Opposition for the sake of it, a cheap-shot headline,
But when you’re in power, there is a deadline.

Three years to fulfil the promises made,
To be true to your word, no more masquerade.
No more hiding behind the fa├žade of one’s gender,
Time to remove any doubt that you’re a pretender.

3 years as deputy leader of an incompetent rabble,
A part of the ‘Gang of Four’ and their psychobabble,
What a huge price we all pay for that inept quartet,
Mistake after mistake, taking us deep into debt.

Clearly Gillard has failed to rise to any occasion,
A fact that can’t be denied, no matter what your persuasion.
And on her long list of failures, her worst by far,
Has no doubt been the disgustingly wasteful BER.

She’s proven again she’s unable to superintend,
And her long list of failures is hard to comprehend.
For someone deemed so ‘smart’ she’s sadly inept,
But clearly her incompetence has been a secret well kept.

It soon became apparent that Rudd was deeply flawed,
And polls showed the Labor government was a fraud.
Despite riding on Rudd’s coattails, a classic juxtaposition,
Gillard sharpened her knives, ready to assume top position.

The ‘Night of the long Knives’ soon clicked into gear,
Gillard rallied the troops, the faceless men did appear.
Shorten, Farrell and Arbib quickly went on the offence,
And she had the top job, despite zero accomplishments.

Then it’s off to the polls, she must earn her high status,
To be ‘elected’, not ‘selected’ is Gillard’s last hiatus.
No late night number crunching is sufficient this time,
A chance to ingratiate oneself, from ridiculous to sublime.

But even 1st term incumbency proved insufficient,
As Labor’s failures & waste were clearly deficient.
The Libs gained more primary votes and won more seats,
Labor stared down the barrel of one of their worst-ever defeats.

But thanks to 3 independents with shonky motivations,
We’re subject to 3 more years of hell & damnation.
Gillard scraped over the line with a ‘victory’ of sorts,
3 more years of incompetence, debt, lies and rorts.

As the sum of her 12 years in Canberra attests,
She’s not as impressive as her reputation suggests,
Flying under the radar as the rest of us are suffering,
It’s blatantly clear Julia Gillard amounts to nothing.

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