Sunday, October 24, 2010


Come on Ms Gillard, give us something to believe
You’re the ‘shrewd politician’ you’re rumoured to be
Because your indecision and uninspiring leadership so far
Proves you’re not shrewd at anything by any degree

Rising to the top thanks to knives in the back
You’ve got the top job you coveted for so long
But Australia’s sick of your spin, your bullshit and lies,
They thought you were different, but they were wrong

Thought bubbles, wastage and a lack of consultation
Sees the spin-doctors sent in to clean your mess
Uninspiring dithering and distortions of the truth
Where you’re taking us in anybody’s guess

After 11 years of strong leadership and prosperity for all
And an economy the envy of other nations
We’ve been lumbered with a government under you & Kevin Rudd
That’s been full of errors, untruths and miscalculations

Now we’re back in debt and being ruled by looney greens
And any goodwill built up has quickly evaporated
And your pathetic 'East Timor Solution' has clearly displayed
You’re out of your depth and you’re extremely overrated

So whilst once you were touted as our very own ‘Iron Lady’
Who’d provide strong leadership so lacking under Rudd
You’ve been weak and insipid, more intent on playing games
Like Crean, Latham and Rudd before you, you’re a dud

After 3 years in power, your government’s already looking stale
Leaving a trail of destruction in your wake
We’re crying out for leadership to provide us with direction
But like most Labor politicians, you’re a fake

You’re no ‘Iron Lady', more like a pale imitation
You’re such a disappointment you really should retire
Take up domestic chores, such as ironing Tim’s shirts
And let the Liberal Party give us the leadership we so require

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