Sunday, October 31, 2010


Government spending is out of control
Gillard’s proving to be another poor choice
Labor is struggling in every poll
Seems Australians have found their true voice

We’re sick of the spin and tired of the lies
All the errors, cost blowouts and waste
Due to Labor incompetence people now realise
We must be rid of the bastards, post haste

They inherited an economy thriving and strong
Zero debt and almost full employment
But in 3 years they’ve done just about everything wrong
And Australians have had zero enjoyment

We’ve watched utility costs increase by 40%
Thanks to inane cow-towing to the Greens
And with every dollar of surplus wastefully spent
Our once-great economy’s blown to smithereens

Insulation in roofs burning homes to the ground
No cost analysis for the mindless NBN
So as you suffer along with tolerance profound
Please never vote Labor again.

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