Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fair Crack of the Whip, Wayne Swan

Oh where have you been, useless Wayne Swan?
Whilst the banks are robbing us blind.
Oh what are your plans, clueless Wayne Swan?
To help us out of this bind?

Do you have any idea what to do, Wayne Swan?
As your head wobbles with more lame excuses.
What do you say to the big fat greedy banker
As he does whatever he chooses?

Do you have any semblance of authority Wayne Swan?
Does anybody treat you with any respect?
What are your plans for our future, Wayne Swan?
As you keep wasting billions, unchecked.

How will you stop rising costs, Wayne Swan?
As people struggle to put food on the table.
Can you return the budget to surplus, Wayne Swan?
Could it be that you’re simply unable?

Do you have an economics degree Wayne Swan?
What are your plans to stop reckless spending?
On the way to $200B of government debt**
As we prepare for the gloom which is pending.

Are you the worst Treasurer ever, Wayne Swan?
Even worse than the pathetic Ralph Willis?
At the rate you are wasting our taxes, Wayne Swan,
You will slowly, but surely, kill us.

The budget surplus is gone, Mister Swan
It only took you three years to destroy it.
After 11 years of paying off Labor debt
We didn’t even have time to enjoy it.

What are your plans to repay debt, Wayne Swan?
As we sink further into the red.
Fair crack of the whip, Mister Swan!
Is there something wrong in your head?

** Refer http://www.aofm.gov.au/
As at 3/11/2010, Government Securities on Issue: $166.401 billion.

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