Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Howes, whys and wherefores.

Who the hell is this Paul Howes?
And what emotions does he arouse?
Determined to lift his own profile
And appease the Labor rank and file

As the AWU secretary
He played the ALP’s emissary
And revealed Labor’s evil plan
A self-confessed faceless man

A Labor man in everyone’s eyes
Yet he helped secure Rudd’s demise
Went on Lateline to tell the world
He was sick of Rudd & backed the girl

As secretary of the AWU
His own agenda he does pursue
As the main issue that did matter
He delivered Rudd’s head on a platter

He has delusions of grandeur
And acts more like a raconteur
Touring the country for his book release
When will the narcissism cease?

The protégé of shifty Bill
His political goals he must fulfill
Like Bill, his career won’t be complete
Til he’s parachuted into a safe Labor seat

Why does Howes get so much attention?
His profile is beyond my comprehension
The AWU he does passionately endorse
Represents just 1.1% of the workforce*

What the hell is with Paul Howes?
And the Labor tripe he does espouse
Just another union upstart
And a genuine media tart!

* Australian workforce: 11 million.
AWU members: 130,000 = 1.1%.

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