Thursday, November 11, 2010

And the boats keep coming...

In keeping with her record of failure
Gillard’s made another fine mess
When the errors and waste will cease
Is anybody’s guess

This time it’s border security
At the heart of her latest mistake
And any semblance of control of our borders
Is contrived and wrong and fake

The boats come almost daily
Record numbers of illegal arrivals
Labor’s caused a massive ‘pull’ factor
As people risk their children’s survival

In November 08 things were under control
As Labor retained Howard’s border protections
Then they softened laws to appease bleeding hearts
And invited a new wave of defections

170+ people have drowned
Thanks to Gillard’s softening of the rules
But the Government blames ‘push’ factors
They’re treating us all like fools

They softened the rules of our country
Invited smugglers to resume their trade
And despite thousands of illegal arrivals
They won’t admit to the errors they’ve made

Detainees have more than doubled
And the cost to taxpayers is out of control
Labor tries to pretend they’re more humane
But the drownings are an own goal

Gillard lied to us, as is normal
And said she’d stop the boats from coming
Then her lame East Timor solution
Was both insulting and brain-numbing

Australians don’t like gatecrashers
Uninvited guests should join the queue
Go through the proper channels
So we can properly process you

Again Labor & Gillard are unsuccessful
Yet another policy failure
They’ve hung the ‘Welcome Everyone’ sign
On the front door of Australia

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