Saturday, November 6, 2010


The man put pink batts in my ceiling
He said it helps environmental healing
I came home and found
My house burnt to the ground
A most bizarre and infuriating feeling

The man said he’d fix hospitals & health
Either overtly or, if needed, by stealth
Just more political shtick
Making all of us sick
By pillaging the states income wealth

The man said he’d cut the cost of living
Fuel & Grocery Watch is what he was giving
Millions wasted on such farce
Results poor, savings sparse
More mistakes and reasons for misgiving

The man promised an ETS scheme
He said it’d cost each person $1 per diem
Sucked in by ‘climate change’ hype
Inane ridiculous tripe
Insanity enough to make you scream

The man built lots of school halls
To 'help' as the economy falls
More inane hollow thoughts
Government wastage and rorts
Such cost blow outs and largesse appals

The man put cables into the ground
It cost us billions but then we found
The technology outdated
Cost of connecting inflated
Such waste does amaze and astound

The man said he’d get the economy on track
And return the budget to black
But he lied to us civilians
As the debt mounted to billions
And the voters went on the attack

The man is the most inept ever seen
The worst government there’s ever been
Incompetence & spendthrift ways
Allows for these dark days
Errors, waste & mismanagement obscene

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