Friday, November 5, 2010

The Traitor Paradigm

How unfortunate for our country
That we have to rely
On a Labor Party Government
Full of shysters prone to lie

False promises and failures
Litter their incumbency
The days of competent government
Headed for redundancy

2 self-centred independents
Only interested in their own agenda
Take the spoils for personal gain
Then retire to their hacienda

These 2 clowns of dodgy character
With shady pasts & dodgy deals
Sucked in by Labor hollow promises
Fallen in head over heels

“You’ll get what you want Mr Windsor
Rob, you’ll be speaker of the House
But now the dirty deals are done
You’ll be as quiet as a mouse”

The carry on over Liberal costings
The headline-grabbing ballyhoo
But then rejecting a BER analysis
Your true colours shining through

No wonder Australians are disillusioned
With this useless mob in power
With you 2 hypocritical fools
Sitting in your ivory tower

Mr Oakeshott, you’re a moron
A grinning verbose Labor hack
Mr Windsor, you sold your soul
And you will never get it back

You blokes waffled on about fairness
You spoke of a new paradigm
You’ll be remembered as nothing more than traitors
In the fullness of time.

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