Tuesday, November 9, 2010


There is history in the making
This is the gift which keeps on taking
How to make a bust out of a boom
The giant elephant in the room

Please don’t talk, don’t say a word
Your insolence is most absurd
You’re sounding like a prophet of doom
When you speak of the elephant in the room

But the elephant is blowing out
Gouging itself on seeds of doubt
You say that I’m a prophet of doom?
The elephant took a dump in your living room

A welcome pet is the elephant
So brilliant, smart and elegant
You’ll start to see the benefits real soon
Of the obese elephant in the room

You say the elephant is a welcome pet
Feeding itself on massive debt
‘NBN CO’ is it’s nom de plume
The big white elephant in the room

You pass critique at your detriment
The people love the elephant
Yes it costs a lot to feed and groom
That largesse elephant in the room

Tell me the benefits the elephant offers?
As you raid and pillage public coffers
To feed the thing: I must assume
You’re clueless to the elephant in the room

It does cost a lot to keep this pet
I am now riddled with regret
A cost-benefit plan would’ve been opportune
I’m now stuck with this elephant in the room

The line of logic has been crossed
$43 billion is the minimum cost
To feed the beast, try to make it bloom
This wasteful elephant in the room

It’s useless, obsolete, slow and old
I’d prefer a new pet, one fast and bold
But it seems I’m stuck with it I fear:
Get this white elephant out of here!

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  1. You look a complete fucking idiot now don`t you Arfur