Friday, November 12, 2010

Julia said.....

Mark Latham is a great leader
A visionary man of character
He broke a taxi drivers arm?
He’d better get a good barrister!

Free medical help for old people
We’ll call it ‘Medicare Gold’
We didn’t cost it properly?
Oh my, a $5 billion hole!

How about an education revolution?
And a laptop for every kid
Well, maybe one in four gets one
This has cost us a fair quid!

I’ve got a bottomless pit of money
So I’ll build ‘memorial’ school halls
The States & builders ripped of billions?
Sheesh, those bastards have got balls!

I weakened border security
People smugglers could start anew
I’ll build a detention centre in East Timor
And completely ignore Nauru!

Climate Change is a great challenge
It’s claimed a few political scalps
I’ll announce a Citizens Assembly
And hope like hell that helps!

The Citizen Assembly’s a friggin’ joke
But I need to cuddle up to the Greens
I’ll announce a ‘Cash for Clunkers’ scheme
Whatever the hell that means!

Things seemed easier as deputy
A smooth PM’ship seemed a shoo-in
But my trail of defunct policy thoughts
Proves I’ve no idea what I am doing!

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