Sunday, November 7, 2010


Ms Gillard, what do you stand for?
What is it that makes you tick?
We’re sick of your wavering indifference.
We’re loathing your realpolitik.

Ms Gillard, what do you believe in?
What beliefs do we find at your core?
Or are you too afraid to be honest?
Lest faceless men knock on your door.

Ms Gillard, will you answer the question?
Your inane chatter grates to the bone.
Your attitude of platitudes is pointless,
You’ll be the next they dethrone.

Ms Gillard, will you provide some direction?
Will you lead with conviction and drive?
Or will it just be more of the same?
As you lie, deceive and connive.

Ms Gillard, can you hear the clock ticking?
Do you realise time for action is now?
Seems you’d like to be a real leader,
But have absolutely no idea how.

Ms Gillard, you’re an abject disappointment.
The Labor experiment has failed.
You’ve ruined all that you’ve touched,
And our great country has been derailed.

Ms Gillard, you must get some credit.
For bluffing your way to the top.
But the ‘Peter Principle’ applies to you,
And voters want to give you the chop.

Ms Gillard, will you do us a favour?
And prove you have strength & nerve,
Dissolve Parliament and call an election,
So we get the government we deserve.

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