Tuesday, October 19, 2010


4 months she’s been in power
Our first female PM
Arrived with such a fanfare
But it’s been all downhill since then

Uninspiring and dishonest
Is the most apt way to describe
Her conniving way, her dirty tricks
To which we’ve been prescribed

For all of Kevin Rudd’s weaknesses
And there are far too many to list
If Gillard keeps up this uselessness
Rudd will soon be sorely missed

She’s bungled border protection
As every day a new boat appears
And her pathetic call to East Timor
Has fallen on deaf ears

And ‘Climate Change’, that crock of shit
Which greenies cling to with abandon
Saw Gillard’s stupid ‘citizens assembly’
Unceremoniously disbanded

Her BER program sent us into debt
Shonky workmanship & teacher’s fury
She’s again proven she couldn’t organise
A piss up in a brewery

She’s done nothing as our leader
Just glib comments, vacant words,
She took over a useless government
And has proved you cannot polish turds!

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