Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A voice of reason speaks to Julia Gillard

Julia Julia where have you been?
I’ve been a slave to the Labor machine.
What exactly by that do you mean?
I’m hopelessly trapped in a ‘do nothing’ routine.

Why have you allowed yourself to lose control?
It works for Brumby who’s ahead in the poll.
But as PM you must take a leadership role.
I’m sorry Australia, I’ve sold my soul.

What has happened to land us in this trouble?
My decisions are based on my latest thought bubble.
So all the problems we have will soon be double?
Frankly this government is a disorganised muddle.

So what will you do? This ain’t looking pretty.
I’ll announce an enquiry, appoint a committee.
People aren’t stupid, this will make them shitty.
I’ll flutter my eyelids, surely they will have pity?

No: get out of the way, you are an obstruction.
But this position of power is such a seduction.
But all that you leave is a trail of destruction.
That’s a harsh but fair and honest deduction.

So you admit you are hopelessly unable to lead?
I have no idea what it takes to succeed.
You must do something, I beg you, I plead.
I’ll do ‘whatever it takes’: that’s the ALP creed.

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