Friday, February 11, 2011


A man stands accused of a horrible act
It’s there, it’s on tape, an indisputable fact
The man is a disgrace, an ‘insensitive’ fool
He’s ashamedly broken the golden rule

The man really should be run out of town
For being such an inconsiderate clown
For using the death of a digger for political gain
For grabbing a headline at the cost of others pain

Stuck for words for his disgraceful behaviour
Searching for excuses, searching for a saviour
Unsure how to react and find the right words to say
The man stares down the camera a look of dismay

Forced to explain his actions, and rightly so
This sad exhibition should be a career-ending blow
All credibility gone, a long career suddenly rotten
This act of bastardry will not be forgotten

This ‘gotcha’ moment grabbed headlines everywhere
As the man was caught completely unaware
Unaware his words & actions would cause such outrage
And cause so many people to disengage

This man is a disgrace to his occupation
A disgrace to himself, a disgrace to the nation
To sink to such lows, to be so inconsiderate
To act in such a way, so callous, so deliberate

To stand there with arrogance, so holier than thou
Unable to say ‘why’? Unwilling to explain ‘how?’
Shit happens, I suppose, but this is out of place
Such behaviour deserves a smack in the face

We expect much better of people in public positions
Particularly the media and respect for politicians
Will this man apologise? I doubt very highly,
The man is a disgrace. The man is Mark Riley.

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