Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden is Dead.

Bin Laden is dead
They shot him in the head
Ignore any outcry of hypocricy
It’s a great day for democracy

A mass murderer’s been terminated
By the western world he so much hated
Freedom and western values win
Over hatred, murder and endless sin

Just like his mate Saddam Hussein
Bin Laden was clearly most insane
A mass murderer so full of failings
Who plotted and killed 88 Australians

Rot in hell you murderous bastard
I hope it was worth it while it lasted
And as you enter through the gates of hell
Lucifer will no doubt yell

‘Come over here, sit next to me
This is the netherworld as you can see
You are in perdition for eternity
A murderous evil fraternity’

R.I.P our 3000 American sisters & brothers
And 88 peace loving Australians and many others
Who died at the hands of his evil Al-Qaeda cell
May Osama Bin Laden forever rot in hell.

No martyrdom.
No 72 virgins.
Just a bullet in the head.
And an eternity in hell.

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