Monday, June 6, 2011


This mob’s been in power for almost 4 years
And have proven to be the sum of all of our fears
And as Julia Gillard’s 1 year anniversary nears
Any semblance of credibility all but disappears

Every new day presents another policy failure
As the Empress with no clothes flaunts her ill-fitting regalia
And the ALP destroys the very fabric of Australia
Bogged down in smokescreens and lost in paraphernalia

The ‘Malaysian Solution’ is not a solution
It’s just another pathetic Labor contribution
Once again bungled in its executuion
And leading to disgraceful child persecution

The ‘Carbon Tax’ proposal is yet another attempt
By Labor to treat the public with disdain & contempt
An all-encompassing tax of which none are exempt
From a Government inept, dishonest and unkempt

The ‘Mining Tax’ fiasco continues on unabated
Like other Labor failures, they’re all interelated
Leaving consumer confidence sadly deflated
And this Government’s reputation badly desecrated

Has there ever been a more accident prone collection?
So tainted with failures and full of imperfection
A Government so despised, so prone to disaffection
Now we’ve all had enough and demand an election

But of course that won’t happen while Julia’s PM
Because it’s not about us, it’s all about them
As she desperately clings to power as the public condemn
I pray she calls an election soon, please God….Amen.

Sincere thanks to all those who sent messages of support during my recent bout of ill-health. I'm recovering well and hope to be back here more regularly over coming days and weeks.

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