Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Wasn’t it a depressing sight
To see Wayne Swan on Lateline last night
Like a startled deer caught in the headlight
So typically unconvincing and trite

He went to the club of the National press
Productivity Commission data he did possess
But was he unconvincing? Would you hazard a guess?
The answer is a resounding ‘YES’

Swan had cherry picked an incomplete report
In a lame-brained attempt trying to thwart
The opposition’s attempts at a Carbon tax abort
But his efforts will only lead to more Abbott support

Because Ali Moore exposed the lie
And no matter how hard the head-wobbler did try
His flimsy prognonis was dismantled thereby
To Swan’s last shred of credibility we can say goodbye

Not only was the report incomplete
But Swan cherry picked a price, an act of deceit
When Moore exposed his deception Swan’s chagrin was complete
And he refused to “canvas” and bid a hasty retreat

Swan also upset the “Multi-Party Committee”
And left Christine Milne feeling neglected and shitty
Which isn’t really such a pity
But watching her spout her propoganda isn’t pretty

“I’m here to discuss the modelling” Swan insisted
It would expose Abbott’s scare campaign as false & twisted
But as Moore pressed for answers and insisted
That the data was flimsy as it currently consisted

“I’m not going through the detail of the modelling” Swan retorted
“But isn’t that why you’re here? That’s what’s been reported!
You said the modelling proved your point and it’s all been sorted
But once again you’ve presented as dishonest and distorted”.

Cheery-picking modelling based on $20 a tonne
A price on carbon? There isn’t yet one
So his entire thesis is immediately undone
No matter how desperately Swan wants it spun

So the report on which Swan had presented his case
Had exploded embarrassingly right into his face
No matter how hard he tried to blame Abbott and debase
Swan once again proved he’s an incompetent disgrace

Swan's pathetic and cringeworthy performance here:

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