Thursday, June 9, 2011


A career politician who’s never been married
Childless and dedicated to one’s vocation
As a leader one is constantly harried
In their ascention to lead our great nation

First step is to carve out a reputation
As a smart and respected adversary
To master the art of communication
And not be irrational, lazy or cursory

Slowly, strategically you climb through the ranks
Of your political party of the left
As you climb to the top you must give thanks
But reflect on a life so bereft

Never been a parent or walked down the aisle
But devoted to a political pit so sinister
And you’ve risen above the rank and file
To be one step closer to being Prime Minister

Maybe the life of sacrifice has been worth the travails
As now you find yourself leading your congregation
And with all the responsibility leadership entails
You stay focussed despite the anticipation

So close to the top, near to the top job
A life’s aspiration so close to fruition
Not long now and you’ll be the big knob
And fulfill a lifelong ambition

All of a sudden it all comes to head
And Labor ruthlessly bring Kevin Rudd down
Don’t let the power go to your head
You’re now the proxy Prime Minister Bob Brown

Gillard’s a lame duck, a slave to the Greens
Her government soon to be buried in a casket
Brown pulls the strings, and you know what that means?
We’re all going to hell in a handbasket!

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