Monday, August 1, 2011


You’ll be sitting on your roof when the tide comes rushing in
Don’t bother dropping in a line, there’ll be no fish within
The earth is scorched, Polar Bears extinct, we’re all living in grief
Kakadu is long gone, as is the Great Barrier Reef

The long list of scares is hysterical and alarming
The latest victims appear to be those involved in farming
We’ll all die of starvation, unable to be fed
“Pay the Carbox Tax, or we’ll all soon be dead”.

Flannery warns of tragedies of biblical proportions
So chilling and scary, but please ignore the distortions
Despite Flannery being wrong on numerous occasions
They still roll out his forecasts, his predictions and equations

If Flannery’s the best the scaremongers can produce
The only logical explanation a rational person could deduce
Is that the argument is crumbling as the facts become clear
And like Gore & others, he’s just a Global Warming profiteer

But one mustn’t question Global Warming as the “science is settled”
If you question it, like Monkton, you’ll be publicly derided and nettled
Garnaut’s an economist and Flannery a mammologist
They’re nothing more than government-funded Global Warming apologists

Turn off all your electricity, you’re killing Mother Earth
Switch off the Air Conditioner, or we’ll all end up like Perth
The “Ghost Metropolis City” as predicited by Professor Tim
The dams will soon be empty, we must all listen to him

Gillard’s on my television, and with Abbott she’s agreed
“There’ll be no Carbon Tax under the government I lead”
But as to provide instant verification that you can’t polish a turd
She scrapes into power and immediately goes back on her word

A slave to the Greens and their lunatic fringe solution
Gillard signs a pact with Brown to “stop dangerous CO2 pollution”
Despite the fact that CO2 is plant food, essential for all life
A drowning woman would clutch a serpent when in political strife

A bare-faced liar is our Prime Minister, dishonest and inept
She only made one sweeping promise that needed to be kept
Yet she immediately retreated and said she’d introduce the tax
To please the Greens, balance the books: they’re the real facts

So Gillard’s now aligned herself to Gore, Flannery and Brown
Taking every opportunity to talk our quality of living down
But there’s only one small problem with their pathetic doomsday song
Everything they’ve predicted has been abjectly wrong

So now we have a Prime Minister who is a slave to the lies
How low will her approval have to fall for her to realise
That Australian’s will not be fooled and treated with disdain
And can’t wait to be rid of her, and Kevin, Bob and Wayne

So as you lie freezing in your cave tonight cuddling your pet Shih Tzu
Just remember that the ‘Carbon Tax’ is designed to save you
From a life of misery, of destruction, floods and famine
While Julia & guests dine at the Lodge on Caviar, Wine and Salmon

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