Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Has there been a worse government
In the history of Australia?
A more accident-prone collection,
So prone to repeated failure?

A government so inept at policy
All it touches turns to shit,
You want the meaning of incompetence?
Folks, this is it.

A list too long to mention
Of cost blow outs and lame inaction
Spending billions on inane schemes
When they could’ve spent a fraction

As the debt races to $200B
The budget deficit overblown
Is this the most pathetic group of no-hopers
You’ve had the misfortune to have known?

Not one policy has been enacted
Which you could proudly say has aided
People struggling to pay their bills
Our quality of life has been degraded

Australians used to take for granted
The fine leadership of Howard & Co
But those halcyon days are long gone
Great times our children will never know

These days they cower to minorities
Sucked in by greenie feel-good crap
These morons wouldn’t know good policy
If it fell into their lap

We’ve got a PM well out of her depth
And a treasurer with no idea
A foreign minister nobody likes
With an agenda most unclear

They speak of reform and moving forward
Surely they’re taking the piss?
If we keep moving forward at this rate
We’ll fall into the abyss.

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