Sunday, August 14, 2011


As sure as night follows day
We are a country in decay
With a wasteful government at the helm
Slowly destroying our once-great realm

A government prone to poor decisions
So sadly lacking in its’ visions
Leading us down the path of no return
Will naive voters ever learn?

A vote for Labor always leads to pain
We end up in deficit once again
A budget destroyed by reckless spending
Do they have a problem comprehending?

As sure as the sun comes up tomorrow
Labor reigns ends up in pain and sorrow
Reckless spending & spiralling debt
Do voters like playing Russian Roulette?

A vote for Labor always ends up hurting
Their inepetitude is disconcerting
If history teaches us anything
It‘s the trail of destruction Labor bring

Just 4 years ago we were sitting pretty
Thanks to Howard’s team, a great committee
Secure borders & strong finances
Why on earth would voters take their chances?

Hasn’t history taught us anything?
Of the continued failings of the left wing
Each time we vote them into power
Our quality of life they do devour

So every time Australian’s elect Labor
They load a bullet and spin the chamber
And put the barrel against our collective head
And our quality of life is quickly dead

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