Sunday, August 7, 2011


Where did all the cash go Swanny
When you & Rudd spent billions in haste?
The cupboard is bare now Swanny
Thanks to your reckless spending & waste

Can you balance a chequebook Wayno?
Ensure your income is exceeding your spending?
No wonder consumer confidence is tanking
People wonder when is your incompetence ending?

Have you got any clue what you’re doing?
As you lead us down the path of destruction
Your stories of a pending budget surplus
Are as credible as tales of alien abduction!

When you took over the treasury benches
You inherited a magnificent set of books
But now all of Costello’s fine management
Has been destoyed by you incompetent crooks

Debt has blown out to almost $200 Billion*
And you’re yet to deliver a budget in the black
Yet you get on TV as your head bobs madly
And plead “Come on, please cut us some slack”.

But there’s no excuse for your fiscal ineptitude
We demand responsible spending of taxpayer’s money
Not overpriced school canteens & pink batts
And so much other waste it’s simply not funny

A few hundred million here, a hundred million there
Throwing money around to cover up your failures
As the world’s economy teeters on a knife’s edge
An enviable position was once Australia’s

Not any more thanks to your mismanagement
We’ve climbed to third on the list of global debt growth**
But now there’s no money left and our surplus is bereft
Have you destoyed business confidence? My oath!

The people have no faith in your management
And no faith in anything to do with the ALP
Such a bunch of misfits giving us all the shits
Just how bad can a government be?

So we’re up to our necks in deficit and debt
We wish you’d all take permanent leave
There’s no time to relax, it’s all spend and tax
And now you’re taxing the air that we breathe

As at 9th August, Government debt is $196.9 Billion

**Australia’s public debt has grown by 150% since 2007, when Rudd & Swan came to power, third only to Iceland & Ireland.

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