Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wayne went to the cupboard to see what was there
But when he opened the cupboard the cupboard was bare
He searched high & wide for something to use
But all he could find were lots of IOU's

The reality dawned on Wayne and he felt sad
That due to his waste the situation was bad
Just 4 years ago he was rolling in cash
But it was all gone now due to decisions rash

After 4 years in charge of the nation's accounts
Wayne's under the pump as the pressure mounts
He's yet to deliver a set of positive numbers
Thanks to Wayne our economy encumbers

It seems Wayne has sold the family farm
His ineptitude has done so much harm
The Coalition’s surplus is spent
There’s no money left to pay the rent

Because Wayne’s such a silly duffer
Seems the rest of us must suffer
And thanks to all the wastage that he brang
We’re all now the victims of the ‘razor gang’

Even though we’re in the midst of Mining Boom Mk II
Wayne’s got absolutely no idea what to do
He assures us our economy’s in full throttle
But now the inflation genie’s out of the bottle

It’s one excuse after the next from Swan
As he tries to explain where the money has gone
“There’s no rivers of gold” is his latest regret
Because all the rivers flow into his ocean of debt*
As at April 21st Total Commonwealth Government Securities on Issue - $189.840 Billion

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