Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A press conference a day keeps me right in the loop
And my presence ensures Julia’s jumping through hoops
Now that her lack of ability is being exposed
My intransigence ensures she is predisposed

I admit a great source of my continued frustrations
Is my inability to land a job with the United Nations
So I’ve refocussed my efforts once again
On dethroning Julia and becoming PM

Am I deluded to think I’ll be ‘grand poobah’ again?
My ego’s so big I think it’s almost certain
69% of people surveyed say the want me+
Seems over half of Australia’s had a lobotomy!

So I went on Q & A last Monday night
And had Julia Gillard in my line of sight
The bitch had deposed me as the Head of State
And it was time for me to set the record straight

It was time for me to disclose my version of events
And deceptively ensure my story misrepresents
Because as long as the exact details remain a mystery
I retain the moral high ground to rewrite history

Without naming names I dumped her & Swan in the poo
I had to protect my legacy, what else could I do?
I’ve added to the government’s unstable appearance
I just love upsetting Gillard by running intereference

I must admit that I’ve loved sitting back and observing
Gillard get the hammering of which she’s so deserving
I’ve been stoic and brave with a stiff upper lip
But after my Q & A effort folks…..I’ve gotta zip…


Kevin, your doctor called.....

'Jack the Insider' agrees that Rudd's Q & A application for the top job was self-serving and disturbing. And designed to make Gillard's life a hell of a lot harder:

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