Friday, April 1, 2011


Part 2:

Part 3.

The tale of a woman who sold her soul and wants her money back!

The chronicle of a man on his life’s journey to the top.

The story of a divisive and dysfunctional political party caught in between.

The fable of 3 disjointed gunslingers whose true loyalties are soon exposed.

The joyous crowd carried Tony on their shoulders
As the modest victor tried to play down the fuss
But 3 gun slinging cowboys shoot their guns in the air
“Hey Tony, did you forget about us”?!

A surprised hush fell over the audience
They lowered their hero to the ground
As the 3 Amigos reloaded their weapons
You couldn’t hear a sound

The ‘T’ man surveyed the situation
The 3 Amigos were hell-bent on obstruction
He reached into the front of his speedos
And removed a weapon of mass destruction

“Look here boys” he said as he eyeballed the men
“What I have here will put a spanner in the works”
He gestured to the old grey bloke to stand next to him
“Come here Bob, step away from those jerks”

Katter put down his weapon and stood next to Tone
His conservative roots determined his decision
As Windsor and Oakeshott suddenly realised
The crowd was treating them with much derision

“What I have here in my hands Rob & Windsor
Is living proof of your betrayal you fools
It’s big and completely undeniable
And its call a mandate to rule”

And with that the crowd cheered with excitement
Because Tony had done it again
Exposed the traitors and double crossers
And belittled the 2 mercenary men

But despite the whack Tony had given them
Oakeshott & Windsor wouldn’t lie down quietly
So Bob said to Tony “Leave this one to me”
For an old bloke he remains quite spritely

Katter reached stealthily into this briefcase
And removed his 6 shooter with care
He aimed it an inch above the head of the 2 traitors
And offloaded two shots in the air

“Take that as a warning you traitors
The ‘T’ Man’s in charge of things now”
And with that a whimpering Windsor
Realised how much he’d mucked up, and how

And Oakeshott, for once, was speechless
He realised the electorate were unforgiving
He'd just seen Gillard carried out on a stretcher
And soon he’d be driving a taxi for a living

Windsor, the chameleon, mingled into the crowd
Who’d resumed their adoration for Tone
Katter hoisted him onto his shoulders
And carried him towards his new throne

And as the sun set that night in Australia
The end of a truly remarkable day
The crowd gathered around a tired Tony Abbott
To listen to what he would say

“People of Australia, I will give you strong leadership.
I will be courageous, strong and bold.
Now please get me my ‘Australia’ tracksuit
Because wearing speedos all day is damn cold”.

So ends this parable of this chapter in politics
The end of the worst government that’s ever been
Abbott heroically replacing Gillard & Brown
Because red and green should never be seen!


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