Monday, April 4, 2011


You’ve been the Treasurer for nearly 4 years Wayne
And you’ve made us endure more than our fair share of pain
From wasteful and reckless spending you could not refrain
And your attempts to balance the books are legerdemain

But all we hear from you is one excuse after the next
And your lies and deceit are getting more and more complex
The budget blow out and debt levels leave us perplexed
I bet you wish you hadn’t written all those blank cheques

In ’07 when you took over from Costello
The budget was in great shape apropos
But any fiscal rectitude you did quickly forego
With the GFC panic you thought “here we go”

You got just the excuse you needed to go on a spending spree
And demonstrated immediately that you’re an economic trainee
Spend, spend, spend, ASAP
Ignore the opposition’s advice to ‘wait and see’

“Go hard and go early” was the ALP creed
“We’ll send you free money in your hour of need”
Not only did you misappropriate, but you did misread
And spending and borrowing did greatly exceed

12 years of fine governance and financial brilliance
Saw Australia show the world economic resilience
After Howard & Costello overcame many a hindrance
Your mismanagement’s been an incredible difference

All the money is gone and we’re in massive debt
And we haven’t even seen the worst of it yet
‘The Goose’ has become your very own sobriquet
Thanks to the ‘gang of four’, that infamous quartet

What a useless bunch were you, Rudd, Gillard & Tanner
Into the works you threw the world’s biggest spanner
And you, as the treasurer, were the very worst planner
As you destroyed the economy in no uncertain manner

A budget blow out the size of which we’ve never seen
And a level of debt the likes of which there’s never been
As families struggle to survive on water and baked beans
You’ve taken taxpayers money and spent beyond your means

So now we must all pay for your panic and haste
And be handed a tough budget thanks to your waste
Any trust we had in your ability was sorely misplaced
And you leave in our mouths a very bitter taste

Your wasteful ineptitude makes us grind an axe
It’s spend, spend, spend, then tax, tax, tax
If Gillard an ounce of gumption she’d give you the sack
And only when you are gone can we all relax

You’re like watching a train crash in slow motion
Despite your shortcomings, you’ve weathered the commotion
How do you survive the lack of confidence motion?
And not just survive, but you got a promotion!



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