Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

She came into politics with a lot of good will
But ever since then it’s been all downhill
Because slowly but surely she’s been exposed
Her dishonesty and ineptitude cruelly disclosed

Her leadership is now the brunt of all jokes
A consistent level of support she’s unable to coax
Labor now appeals to just 1 in 3 voters
Such a bunch of shonks and shameless self-promoters

And Gillard’s lack of authority is plain to see
With Rudd running around typically “look at me”
She’s got no idea how to handle the rebel
And her popularity drops to yet a lower level

She is the incredible shrinking woman of Australian politics
Seems the job’s beyond her means, she is somewhat transfixed
And the Labor experiment has drastically failed
As their nonsensical agenda has been derailed

Gillard shrinks to insignificance no matter what she tries
She’s untrustworthy and the voters don’t forget her lies
Our government stumbles from one disaster to the next
And leaves the Australian public angry and perplexed

Since being in the top job she seems to have shrunk
Her report card is stamped an unmitigated ‘flunk’
After 9 months in the job she’s hasn’t achieved much
And she’s got the opposite of the Midas Touch!

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