Monday, April 11, 2011


Did anybody speak on QandA tonight, apart from Penny Wong?
5 panelists usually have their say, but it seems tonight I'm wrong
As usual there was Tony Jones, looking regal and statuesque
And there was Penny Wong, seemingly on her own behind the desk

It was Penny’s show tonight and she rambled on without dispute
Whilst every other panel member was cut short and appeared mute
Each time Greg Hunt began to speak and defend the opposition
Wong cut him off and rolled her eyes and presented her position

And Jones just let her prattle on and make her unsubstantiated claims
She always had the final word and tried to shoot Hunt down in flames
But Greg Hunt’s an impressive man and retained his calm composure
But Jones let Wong have the final say and bring things to a closure

Each time a probing question was asked, Jones immediately turned to Penny
He didn’t seek the opinions of others, he must’ve though they don’t have any
All he cared about was giving Wong the chance to defend Labor’s reckless way
And each time Hunt made a point of magnitude, he gave Wong the final say

I challenge you to check the transcript when it becomes available
And count the words of each of the 5 panellists seated behind the table
I guarantee a word count will expose the dominance of Wong
And the ongoing bias of QandA and Jones behaviour is just wrong

After the show Jones would be pleased with the way it ran its course
While Hunt would’ve been most annoyed, and Penny would’ve been hoarse
She’d been allowed to talk and talk and was permitted regular rebuttal
As Tony Jones cut others off with a bias not so subtle

From here on Q and A is renamed “Ask Penny Wong a Question”
As she gives a glib & vague excuse for each Labor transgression
And nobody else will be allowed to espouse their point of view
To each question asked, Tony Jones will say: “Penny Wong, over to you”.


  1. And for what it's worth, I will do a word count once tonight's QandA transcript becomes available and will lodge the results here.
    I'd estimate Wong spoke 30% more words than Hunt tonight, as Jones repeatedly cut him off and allowed her to keep prattling on.
    Stay tuned for the word count!

  2. All 5 guests spoke a total of 7316 words last night. The % of words, by person, more than shows up the bias and disproportionate air time given to Penny Wong:
    Wong: 42.5% (3109 words)
    Hunt: 18.21% (1332 words)
    Kenny: 14.83% (1085 words)
    Innes: 14.28% (1045 words)
    Price: 10.18% (745 words)

    So Wong had 42.5% of air time, and if you take Wong & Hunt in isolation (as the 2 politicians on the panel), Wong had 70.01% of the share, as opposed to Hunt's 29.9%, a completely unbalanced representation, as manipulated by Tony Jones. My estimation of her having 30% more words than Hunt was wrong: she had 40% more in a one-on-one basis.

  3. Transcript here if you're interested in counting the words!