Saturday, April 2, 2011

THE TOP 10 (Best)

Politicians must be judged on their honesty and conviction
Character traits which separate the fact from the fiction
And nobody rates higher than Tony Abbott on those two criteria
At the next federal election he’ll banish Gillard & Labor to Siberia!


There’s so much depth in the coalition, with many an up and coming ace
And Scott Morrison is a stand out and sets a cracking pace
Smart, concise, on topic, always presenting a strong case
Could he be a future Prime Minister in the making: watch this space!

People who bring passion to their profession get top marks in my opinion
And nobody’s fights more passionately to regain the Coaliton’s dominion
Than Christopher Pyne, and you’d underestimate him at your own peril
Judge him on how he exposes his Labor opponents as rapacious and feral

This next one fascinates me because, frankly, he doesn’t present too well
He’s scruffy and unkempt, but any trepidation you have he’s quick to dispel
Because he’s as sharp as a tack and strategically at the top of this job
Intelligent, rational, sensible: thy name is Andrew Robb

A politician gets full marks from me for sticking to his guns
Especially when the ferocious response of the Labor party stuns
For stating the concerns of many people he’s accused of ‘Race Baiting’
Bravo Cory Bernardi for standing up against Labor’s spite & hating

In these days of Labor spin and lies and acts of treason
It’s refreshing to hear an intelligent argument based on facts and reason
And nobody is more reasoned and calm and balanced than Greg Hunt
Such a welcome contrast to Labor’s rants & threats & lies & grunt

The Labor Party would lie to you and insist that lamb is mutton
So thank God for honest and credible politicians like Peter Dutton
The future leadership of the Liberals is something the party may bestow
On a modern day Liberal hero who rid us of Cheryl Kernot

Of course not all conservative politicians are balanced, reasoned and calm
For what they may lack in composure, they more than make up for with boyish charm
It’s great to hear the passion and the emotion in his voice
And a very worthy top 10 favourite is the one and only Barnaby Joyce

Every party needs an elder statesman, someone of great experience
Who won’t be bullied around and demonstrates reason and resilience
Eric Abetz is such a man and a personal favourite of mine
And with him in a leadership role you know the Coalition will be fine

Joe Hockey is an interesting one, as he stands for global warming
But he maintains a sense of humour even when the Labor bugs are swarming
Presents well to the man in the street and is popular and smart
It’s an absolute pleasure to watch him continually tear Wayne Swan apart

Honourable mentions: Bronwyn Bishop, Warren Truss, Kevin Andrews & George Brandis, 4 veterans who continue to uphold the virtues of Liberal / National Party Coalition, of fairness, personal freedoms, equal opportunity and small government.

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  1. Just my opinion of course, but Julie Bishop doesn't impress me greatly. Has made a few mistakes and seems easy pickings for the catty Gillard. Is her deputy leaderships a token female position? Just asking....
    I have noticed each time Abbott moves a censure motion against Gillard, it's Joe Hockey who seconds the motion, not Bishop.