Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Rudd remains preferred leader
Whilst Gillard’s losing ground
Swan has 10% support
This survey does astound

Rudd’s support’s dropped 21%
Since February last year
But he remains a clear favourite
Exactly why is most unclear

He’s still the same annoying bloke
Driven by self-centred goals
His narcissism drives his desire
To be back at the controls

Gillard’s support is dropping fast
The voters now realise
She’s completely out of her depth
And they won’t forgive her lies

With just 29% support
Down 11% since last May
The voters are sick of her dishonesty
And her government in decay

Then there’s the head wobbler
Wayne Swan got 10% on the report
Newspoll rang Swan’s friends & family
To garner that level of support!

1 in 10 would like Wayne Swan
To be leader of our country
But what the polling didn’t report
Was that 8% want Humphrey

And another 8% preferred Elmo
Whilst 9% would vote for Homer
The notion of Wayne Swan as PM
Is clearly a misnomer

The poll clearly shows they’ve lost the plot
And all levels of support
Such low numbers of approval:
It’s the Labor Minority Report!

Who are the 25% that make up the 'Uncommitted' as preferred Labor leader?
The REAL Newspoll:

Article here:

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