Thursday, April 7, 2011


*NFI: No Frickin' Idea

Gillard: Quarterback or Halfwit?

Welcome to the 'N.F.I. Hyperbowl' , we’re all on the edge of our seat
It’s moments like this where opportunity and heroism meet
Who’ll be today’s champion? What heroics will we witness?
This is a test of bravery and skill and strength and fitness

Here’s Gillard, the quarterback, there’s pressure on her shoulders
Last week her team flogged the Philipines, the hapless Manila Folders!
And there’s her wide receiver, the nimble Kevin Rudd
Scored 3 touchdowns last week, sent ‘em packing with a thud!

There’s nothing quite like the Hyperbowl to get your adrenalin flowing
And the great interest tonight will be to see how well Gillard is throwing
She’s a no-nonsense player is Gillard, she’s looking to extol
And to others she’ll leave the political commentary and the hyperbowl!

Who’ll be the half-time entertainment? How much will a TV ad cost?
How will the players react when they’ve won or when they’ve lost?
Seems Gillard won’t pass the ball to Rudd, she’s treating him like a sinner
But Ruddy just keeps on smiling because he knows he’s already a winner

Here’s the final play, the crowd is hushed, it’s going down to the wire
Rudd’s telling Gillard which play to play, he’s really breathing fire
They take the field, a set formation, a loud raucous reception
Rudd runs wide, Gillard throws the ball…oh no… INTERCEPTION!

A mystery man’s stolen the pass and cuts a swathe through the strugglers
Who is that man with the hairy chest in the red budgie smugglers?
He palms them off, nears the end zone, seems he’s going downtown!
15 yards…10 yards…he’s there…TOUCHDOWN!

Gillard slumps to her knees and assumes the foetal position
Rudd stands over her, shakes his head, a tirade of admonition
Gillard slowly gets to her feet and loses all semblance of self control
“Oh shut up Kevin, I’ve had it with you and your incessant hyperbowl”!!

Gillard's embarrassing 'hyperbowl' gaffe here:

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