Sunday, April 17, 2011


Today I'm feeling very green
Unable to express my thoughts
Can't communicate my anger
At Labor's waste & rorts

I’m suffering from writer’s block
Ideas? Can’t think of one
Now I know how Labor feels
Particularly Wayne Swan

A man bereft of fresh ideas
See how low he stoops
Spews out by rote the latest lines
Supplied by focus groups

Today I have a hangover
Like Swan, a bungled mess
My head wobbles, my speech is slurred
I must soon convalesce

Can’t get a clearing in my brain
To convey just how I’m feeling
To articulate my wish that Gillard
Was a victim of the glass ceiling!

I’m trying to wonder to myself
What we did to deserve her
We must’ve been a victim
Of some heartless saboteur

I lie on the couch motionless
My head a constant thud
And the pain is not eased at all
By thoughts of Kevin Rudd

What a narcissistic little man
In love with his reflection
Driven by a fall from grace
His own party’s rejection

I nod into a peaceful snooze
Pain allayed by my slumber
Suddenly I’m in a sweat
Nausea I must encumber

My free advice to friends & foes
When a hangover curses you
Dismiss thoughts of the Labor Party
Or you’re guaranteed to spew!

1 comment:

  1. Why the hangover?
    To dull the pain of Carlton's draw against Essendon, after leading by 1 point with 30 seconds to go. Stupid football and basic skill errors cost us a win....
    FRUSTRATING!! Pass the wine dear...