Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WAYNE'S PAIN (Diddums for Wayne)

Don’t you feel sorry for Wayne?
Can’t you just feel his pain?
As much as he’d love to fudge it
He just can’t balance his budget

Poor old Swannie laments
This unfortunate turn of events
That sees his budget completely destroyed
Economic ruin he couldn’t avoid

Because he was forced to waste
And had to spend so much in haste
As the ‘Gang of 4’ convened
And approved overpriced school canteens

Pissed billions against many walls
And built inappropriate school halls
Displayed such gross depravity
To put pink batts in your roof cavity

Which not only drained millions again
But caused the deaths of 4 young men
It cost over a billion to line your roof
Wayne’s fault? You got any concrete proof?

It’s not Wayne’s fault all those ‘green’ schemes
Didn’t develop into a tree-huggers dreams
How the hell could Wayne have known
That the costs would be so overblown?

He inherited a $20 billion surplus
But now that’s something we can’t discuss
Because after 4 years of being a dud
Swanny’s blamed it all on a flood

A tragic flood, absolutely no doubt
But for Wayne it’s his easy way out
And just to enforce his incriminating plan
Wayne also blames the earthquake in Japan

Again, an absolutely shocking human disaster
But Swanny, don’t lecture us like a schoolmaster
Your pathetic effort at spending our money
Is so sad it’s almost funny

So as we career towards $200B in debt*
And you thought you’d seen the worst of it yet
You thought the waste of money has been sinister?
Right now, Wayne’s our acting Prime Minister! (God help us…)

Our country has absolutely no hope
Under the leadership of this dope
Who destroys every plan he introduces
And all he offers is lame excuses

And when you get your next power bill
And you feel like you’re pushing shit uphill
Don’t worry, we can all relax
Because Swanny’s introducing another new tax

What did we do to deserve Gillard & Swan?
Normally credibility is a sine qua non
For political leaders in Australia
But everything this mob do is a failure

I don’t want your lame excuses Wayne
For inflicting so much unnecessary pain
And blaming everyone but yourself
For leaving fiscal rectitude on the shelf

Go cry by yourself in the corner Swanny
Excuses? We’ve already heard too many
You’ve wasted so much you’re an embarrassing bore
Don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out the door.

I'm bloody angry that this idiot, along with Rudd, Gillard, Wong, Garrett, Conroy & Combet are destroying consumer & business confidence and our fabric of life. Waste and recklessness. And massive debt.
And excuses.
The article in question:

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