Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A man was walking down the street
He felt a lump beneath his feet
He knelt to enquire what he’d found
What was this object on the ground?

He had to take a second look
It was a little black leather book
What had he found, this mystery walker?
The cover said ‘The property of Bruce Hawker’

He opened up his mystery find
So many thoughts ran through his mind
He thumbed the pages like they were braille
He’d found the Labor ‘Holy Grail’

He stopped suddenly on page 16
Astounded by what he had just seen
Circled boldly in texta green
Was “How to create a Smokescreen”

He kept on flicking through the book
He felt obliged to have a look
He thought ‘this Hawker is a crook’
And would clearly do ‘whatever it took’

But guilt soon got the best of him
He thought it best to hand it in
But he was so disturbed at the words therein
He tossed the book in the nearest bin

And so there lay Bruce Hawker’s words
Amongst rotting food and dog’s turds
He’d driven Labor’s vote down to 1/3
It’s amazing they still allow him to be heard

Hawker wanted one more shot at the title
He begged the ALP for one more recital
He rang Julia and pleaded ‘Please entitle’
‘The Smokescreen’ tactic is now most vital

So Gillard allowed him a one on one
To listen to the tactics of her hired gun
She shook his hand and said ‘This will be fun’
‘You have my word Bruce, it will be done’

What had Gillard & Hawker plotted?
What was the 'Smokescreen' Hawker had devised?

Stay tuned for Part 2: 'Houston, We Have a Problem'.....

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