Saturday, April 2, 2011

THE TOP 10 (Worst)

What can I say about Julia that hasn’t been said before?
The voters at last year’s election tried hard to show her the door
She got fewer votes and won less seats than her opponent Tony Abbott
But she lied & bribed her way into office, as has become a Labor habit


The incompetent Wayne Swan, an embarrassment on the Treasury benches
Every policy or ‘reform’ this moron’s involved with, it ends up that it stenches
When God handed out charisma and credibility, Swan was at the end of the line
And despite record levels of debt and deficit, the bungler insists we’re fine!


Rob Oakeshott is not all there, seems there’s something amiss upstairs
That goofy grin, the verbose rants and those disturbing wide-eyed stares
His 17 minute speech typified his ego, when he could’ve just said “Labor is my choice”
And although we can’t stand the sight of him, he sure loves the sound of his own voice

Ah yes, Tony Windsor, the wind vane, a man only interested in his own survival
Depending what’s in it for him, you could be his ally and the next minute his rival
A bitterness within which burns deep, a vitriolic hatred for the Nationals & Joyce
He’ll be history for siding with Labor, ignoring his constituent’s conservative voice

Craig Emerson is an immature bully, a real nasty piece of work
Arrogant, spiteful, vindictive and mean, he really is a detestable jerk
Shady relationships in his recent past, having once shared Julia’s bed
But even she couldn’t stand to be with a man with so much nonsense inside his head

Then there’s the narcissist Kevin Rudd, such a sad and tragic man
His career was on an upward curve, just exactly as he did plan
PM of his country and jostling to be the Secretary of the UN
But Julia & Wayne knifed him in the back and he had to start all over again


But at least Kevin made it to the top and had his moment in the sun
Malcolm’s had much success in various fields, but political leadership isn’t one
Too easily manipulated by Rudd, he was afraid to take it up to the smarty
And with his own left-leaning agenda, some think he represents the wrong party

Where does one start with a succinct assessment of the arrogant Penny Wong?
Such a condescending and dishonest person, such misplaced confidence, she’s so often wrong
Made an absolute hash of trying to sell a CPRS deeply flawed and sinister
Now embarrassingly exposed once again as our incompetent Finance Minister

Stephen Conroy, the snake oil salesman, would spin tales to his very own mother
Trying to justify the wasteful NBN, any dissent he’ll just dismissively smother
Even though the coalition could deliver hi-speed internet at the cost of about a quarter
And as if he wasn’t flawed enough, he’s a bloody Collingwood supporter!

Rounding out the Top 10 of politicians who I find extremely aggravating
Is a woman who’s nasty mouth and patronising tone is extremely grating
She’s failed as a Health Minister, not even one single achievement to tell
It’s Nicola Roxon, not just unattractive to the eye, but to the ear as well

So that’s my choice of the Top 10 of those on the current political scene
Whose voice or mannerisms or actions I find annoying and obscene
From Julia to Nicola, and everybody in between
Such misfits and incompetents, are these the worst there’s ever been?

Special mention and unlucky to miss out:
Bill Shorten, Tanya Plibersek & Peter Garrett. Shorten & Plibersek because (like Gillard, Emerson & Wong) they have a great way of speaking down to people in a patronising, condescending manner and Garrett who was spared because I like Midnight Oil!
Bob Brown? I just don't take that idiot seriously. He's not deserving of a rating!

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  1. They say plagiarism is the highest form of flattery, but if you want to flatter me by using my caricatures (Julia and Kevin) to illustrate your blog, would you mind providing a credit and link? I imagine the other artists would appreciate the same treatment too.


    Andy Dolphin