Friday, April 1, 2011


The tale of a woman who sold her soul and wants her money back!

The chronicle of a man on his life’s journey to the top.

The story of a divisive and dysfunctional political party caught in between.

The fable of 3 disjointed gunslingers whose only true loyalty is to themselves.

Part 1:

“The voices in my head say I’m crazy
Should I listen to them?
'Support the Greens’....’Rebut the Greens’
It’s hurting my brain stem”

In a moment of desperation
As she clung to her last hope
Gillard signed a deal with the devil
The Greens gave her enough rope…

Laying down with dogs
And waking up with fleas
Gillard’s shonky Labor Party
Has been brought to their knees

The Greens call the agenda
As Gillard has not got a clue
Bob Brown’s leading her a merry dance
A Green-inspired ‘Pas De Deux’

But the voices in her head get louder
The same voices responsible for
Her decision to thoughtlessly sign up to
A coalition she does now abhor

She’s backpedalling at a rate of knots
She’s reneging on her vows
Realising she’s lay down with dogs
Desperately trying now to delouse

The voices say “Call them extremists”
So Gillard gets stuck into the Greens
But the voters aren’t stupid Ms Gillard
Your support’s been blown to smithereens

Then the voices say “Keep the Greens close”
“You need Bob Brown by your side”
With Labor & the Greens in cahoots
Hold on tight! It’ll be one hell of a ride!

Gillard’s trying to walk both sides of the street
To appease polar opposite views
Her ‘progessives’ versus the Greens ‘extremists’
All she does is confound and confuse

The voices in her head argue amongst themselves
As they try to make sense of this sham
“I am Julia, the socialist conservative spinster”
“’re not the real Julia...I am”.

Part 2 here:

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