Thursday, March 31, 2011


(With apologies to Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire")

Julia Gillard, Penny Wong, Always talking, always wrong
Boring speakers, Asylum seekers, Martin Ferguson
Jenny Macklin, Simon Crean, waffling on, what do they mean?
Insulation, no salvation, Nicola Roxon

Promises, Broken, many lies are spoken
Gillard’s carbon tax lies, as our prosperity dies
Albanese, cold sweat, Australia’s got a record debt
Unemployment, incompetent, prosperity goodbye

We didn’t blow the surplus
It was just a number, go back to your slumber
This is the Gillard circus
And we’re now in huge debt Another Labor regret

Stephen Conroy, NBN, wasted billions, once again,
Peter Garrett, such a parrot, he sold his soul
Kim Carr, gone too far, Policies, quite bizarre,
K Rudd, such a dud, God what an @55h01e!

Bowen, Wayne Swan, Australians have all been conned
Rob McLelland, Tony Burke, Emerson is such a jerk
Evans, Plibersek, another billion? What the heck
Mark Arbib, answers glib, write another blank cheque


Kate Ellis, God help us, Bob McMullin, distress
Faulkner, by far, the biggest bore in Australia
L.Ferguson, union thug, power is his own drug
Greg Combet, by his side, union favours not denied

Stephen Smith, genuine, Budget surplus? Flying swine
Nick Sherry, sorry, front bench is no-go
Shorten, no symmetry, such a union lackey
Maxine McKew, a “psycho”, where the f%#k did she go?!


Kevin Rudd, strange man, stranger in a foreign land
Dickhead, thickhead, socialist persuasion
Gillard’s reckless spendathon, every policy so wrong
Oh my, not again, another billion dollars gone

Wayne Swan, Penny Wong, more policy we’ve got so wrong
Big pay day, blown away, what else do I have to say?


B.E.R., wasted cash, unions building up their stash,
Corrupt, disrupt, build a new Gillard shrine
Boat people all in line, welfare state is all mine
Look after your new neighbor, welfare bludgers vote Labor

No more fortune, surplus gone, heavy spending, withdrawn
Foreign debt, don’t mention debt, borders weakened, regret
Billions wasted, I am sure, must stop spending, there’s no more,
Wayne Swan, it’s all gone, you can’t spend it any more



  1. Here's the You Tube link to the original song:

  2. Arthur

    I don't mind your using my cartoon, so much, but you've blanked my name off it!

    That's not kind!