Monday, March 28, 2011


Denial is a river in Egypt
Denial is a Labor affliction
Denial is when you believe your own lies
Denial is a Labor addiction

Misunderstanding is a lass under a sign
Misunderstanding is a Labor assurance
Misunderstanding and twisting their promise
Misunderstanding is Labor’s existence

Defence is what runs around your house
Defence is what Gillard blindly takes
Defence of her poor Government’s record
Defence of her liars and fakes

Offence keeps trespassers out
Offence is what you take to Labor policies
Offence at the constant waste
Offence at the lies and fallacies

Debate is what helps you catch fish
Debate is what this country deserves
Debate is what Labor shuts down
Debate is a war of nerves

Affront is the face that you see
Affront is the emotion you sense
Affront at Labor’s constant lies & waste
Affront and a sense of offence

Opinion is a wheel in a gearbox
Opinion is what Labor try to shut down
Opinion is what Labor shove down your throat
Opinion of Prime Minister Bob Brown

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