Sunday, March 20, 2011


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Step right up folks, step right up
Come and see Bob Brown’s new puppet show
Give us a dime and a moment of your time
And you’ll soon witness ‘Quid Pro Quo’

The red haired dummy sold her soul
To big bad Bob and his green machine
He’s now controlling all her levers
And she’s a helpless puppet to his regime

Big bad Bob is just so clever
He’s wedged Gillard and her clueless mob
The Labor Party is decimated
By big bad Bob’s big hatchett job

Now Gillard sits obediently
As big bad Bob controls and conducts
He has his hands on her controls
She’ll say whatever he instructs

He wants a tax on carbon dioxide?
“No problems Bob, consider it done”
Bob recognises the power he wields
“Oh my gosh, won’t this be fun"

Step right up folks, step right up
The funniest show you've ever seen
As Julia sits and moves her lips
"It's not easy being Green"!

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