Monday, March 21, 2011


Just 3 little letters and one small word
But for Labor it’s the bomb!
Spend, spend, spend: TAX TAX TAX
Don’t they do it with aplomb?!

Alcopops was their first foray
Rudd & Roxon dressed it up as health
But in true Labor style they wanted more
“We can’t have people building wealth”

They then sent $900 cheques in the mail
In a moment of irrational panic
And the budget was blown to smithereens
Due to excess spending, mad and manic

So how does Labor repay burgeoning debt?
They search for a new tax
Any working Australian trying to get ahead
Never has time to relax

“Those miners are making too much cash
Let’s tax the greedy bastards”
But Rudd underestimated their might and scorn
It was a nice try while it lasted!

The miner’s won that bloody war
With Rudd’s head on a platter
But Gillard made a lame compromise
But that’s another subject matter

It was yet another Labor tax
Another slap in the face for successful folks
Talk that the tax was a win for all Australians
Was just another ALP hoax

Up went the tax on cigarettes
More money for Labor coffers
Any opportunity to repay the waste
Labor was open to all offers

So with debt spiralling towards $200B*
And wasteful spending out of control
Labor continues to spend and tax
Despite falling opinion polls

Because they’ve promised to balance the budget
‘In 3 years and 3 years early’
They only get away with such dishonest talk
Because it gets lost in the hurly burly

So with mountains of debt accruing
At the rate of $100 million a day
Our dishonest incompetent treasurer
Continues to betray

When the tragic floods hit our country
Australians donated with great generosity
Gillard decides on another new tax
As her polls start to slide with terminal velocity

Just as we donate for our fellow Aussies
To help them out in the hour of need
Gillard gives us the Flood Levy, a kick in the guts
Such ignorance, arrogance and greed

So just when you thought that they’d taxed us
To our very last hard-earned dollar
Now we get a tax on the air that we breathe
Such a disgraceful and dishonest squalor

Gillard and Labor lie to us every day
To try to justify their disgraceful waste
They’re even taxing the air that we breathe
They must be kicked out, post haste

*As at 18/3/2011, Government debt is $184 billion.

Escalating Labor spending plans = MORE LABOR TAXES

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