Friday, March 25, 2011


Tim Flannery, on the ALP payroll
Paid to travel far & wide and spread the word
Tim Flannery, professional agitator
Living proof that you can’t polish a turd

Tim Flannery, a man of bold predictions
Sadly every claim he’s made has proven incorrect
And with his dismal record of prognosticating
You can’t but be amazed at his lack of intellect

Tim Flannery, Gillard’s useful idiot*
A mercenary for Labor’s thought police
But with his every spoken word soon discredited
We watch as any credibility continues to decrease

Tim Flannery’s latest claim has left many speechless
Whilst being paid to extol the sum of all our fears
The end of the world is coming if we don’t act soon
There’ll be hell to pay in just 1000 years

1000 years? You have got to be kidding me!
1000 years before the slightest benefit might occur
1000 years is 1000 years away
Tim Flannery, you’re a credibility saboteur!

Tim Flannery, where were you 1000 years ago?
What influence did you have at the Battle of Hastings?
The Norman Conquest and William the Conquerer
Are you blaming these for your current proposed wastings?

With the Holy Roman Emperors uprising in Germany
Whilst in India the Chola Dynasty live to fight another day
And the Fujiwara clan rule politics in Japan
Are these things responsible for the climate of today?

The Fatimid Empire of Egypt reached its zenith
In Korea, the Goryeo Kingdom ruled with an iron fist
In China, the triangular power struggle continued
1000 years ago: is there anything I’ve missed?

There was the decline of the monarchy in France
And the last caliphs of Córdoba in Spain
The overthrowing of the Anterior Lê Dynasty of Vietnam
These things sure caused today’s climate much pain

Tim Flannery, based on your lunatic predictions
And your habit of gross and ridiculous misinforming
What happened 1000 years ago in the High Middle Ages
Is responsible for today’s “Global Warming”

Who knew that all the events in Asia & Europe
As many a dynasty struggled for domination
Could be deemed responsible, 1000 years later
For a climate change that will "destroy the entire nation"?

Instead of directing your anger at Flannery & Gillard
For hoisting this ridiculous tax upon us all
We should blame Ibn al-Haytham, the mad scientist from Iraq
And the rise of the Byzantine Empire, and it’s fall

Tim Flannery, you are the gift that keeps on giving
And whatever you’re being paid by Labor ain’t sufficient
Every time you speak your nonsense and diatribe
You’re constantly exposed as distrustful and deficient!


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  1. Hi Arthur,

    I was doing a google search recently on Tim Flannery and noticed my drawing of the aforementioned featured on your blog post and I ask you now to kindly remove my drawing.