Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My 'Thought Cloud' here: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/3305010/LABOR_2011

Many words can represent
This lying, useless government
It’s certainly not a sine qua non
To access the nearest lexicon

Because words come freely to describe
This squanderous maladroit tribe
That fails every test it confronts
With unconsidered heedless stunts

3 ½ years of dereliction
They’re a living breathing contradiction
One moment inactive, the next most reckless
Irresponsible and feckless

Prone to gross prevarication
And with the Greens a bifurcation
Incompetence is top of mind
The populace are disinclined

How much impairment can they impose?
Such a rich source of polyphonic prose
Attaint, disgrace, dishonour, shame
Inapt, infelicitous, unskilled, disclaim

A leader defines the ‘Peter Principle’
So many more words inadmissible
A treasurer venal and fallacious
So many statements clearly mendacious

Picaresque and duplicitous
Fraudulent and unscrupulous
Venal, roguish, janus-faced
Any trust sorely misplaced

That entire last verse is dedicated
To the ALP I’ve never rated
So many reasons to distrust
A mob that leaves us all nonplussed

It seems I’ve been far too verbose
In my construction of this prose
But there’s just one word I do espouse
To describe this rabble: SHITHOUSE!

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