Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Arthur McArthur, cricketer. Circa 1962
A tribute to Arthur McArthur & friends as Arthur posts his 100th poem on this blog:

100 not out, well batted Art!
You’ve certainly tried to play your part
With your contributions at this site
We’ve all enjoyed the way you write

Well, maybe not all of us,
Some offer praise, some make a fuss
But one thing on which we all agree
You’ve elicited much repartee

We’ve listened to what you’ve said
And the bold replies from Big Ted
You never meant to pick a fight
But took some blows from The Black Knight

It seems you are a ladies man
With many a lovely female fan
There’s Maggie, Franny and Mother G
Elsie, Nettie and Rosemary

Nonna always gives you her 2 bobs worth
As do Shelley, Bushbabe and Fay of Perth
And even though Janey has moved
More than once you have proved

You like the ladies, like Shelley
Kym Durance, RoseB and Annie G,
Little Deb, Phoebe and Leonie,
And Pira, Sillyfilly and Marie

Everyone would have a say
On what you’d written on that day
You encountered many a livewire
Like Davo of the Red Empire

And Bill O Tas from over the Strait
Has proved a very loyal mate
Like Veritas and Mike Rafone
Dave & Watty and Mick Stone

Old Leftie chimes in for a chat
Kiwi and Phil Maguire like that
Doc Molloy’s always upbeat
And you must be quick on your feet

As the Dean and Mags are trading thoughts
AWB Investigator is exposing rorts
BVM Kingmaker and PSFR
Are chatting away with Isobar

Frank of Malvern is interesting
So too Reco, Hermit and Spin Baby Spin
Wake up Australia's always welcome here:
As are Rossco, GM and Spencer de Vere

Andrew of Fadden and John the Pom
Keep the conversations rolling on
CA of WA and Dave from Perth
Prove that Westerners provide much mirth

Seadrift, Frank and Al your Pal
Are very good at lifting morale
Peter, Bennoba and Jeff of FNQ
Always have encouraging words for you

Amazing Scenes often does your bidding
And many may ask RUKidding?!
Scooter, JK and Greg J of Seddon
Are very worthy of a mention

AllyPally is a favourite choice
And Potemkins Village is a Rolls Royce!
JK, TGordon and Andrewe
With John, Lyle & Scooter inspire me

The Artist formerly known as Chris
Sometimes thinks you take the piss
While Doc Martin, Gabs & Ron
Sometimes question what you’re on!

Philip Crowley's always nice
As are Andrew V and Barney Fife
And Formerly is still Curious
Making Harry Tick quite furious!

Well played Arthur, 100 not out
Apart from the arthritis, deafness & gout
You’re as spritely as the day you did start
Will you retire now, you silly old fart?!

Apologies if I’ve forgotten any worthy mentions. Thanks to everyone for your great encouragement and kind words over the past few years and for visiting my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed my poems and political observations. You guys provide this ageing weary traveller much inspiration and hope for our future. I'm proud to say that, although my numbers pale in comparison to Andrew's 2 million hits per month, my little blog site which I set up in June last year has had over 6000 hits! How about that?! 3 years ago I didn't even know what a 'blog' was!

100 not out, I raise my bat, doff my cap and say “thanks for your support”!

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  1. To Mags, Lizzie & Neville W
    Sincere apologies for omitting you
    And Scottie, Marg and Anabel
    I love all you guys, as you can tell!