Thursday, March 17, 2011


As this inept government keeps us perplexed
And stumbles from one problem to the next
I’ve noticed that in the most recent debate
A number of ministers have been quiet of late

Our treasurer is a classic example of this
I’m not saying for a moment he’s a person I miss
But when a deputy PM should be showing his head
You’ll find Swan sucking his thumb under his bed

“It’s all just too hard” he’ll be heard to say
“Please tell the media to go away”
And when tough questions are asked about the level of debt
Swanny mumbles and bungles in a ball of sweat

And where the hell has Penny Wong been?
Our Finance Minister (?!) has hardly been seen
Not that there’s anything wrong with that situation
As she’s been busy attempting a career levitation

She’d spent the last 3 years trying to justify
The merits of mankind’s greatest lie
But Wong was so wrong so they ushered her on
To see if she could try to sell another Labor con (that being Labor’s “economic credentials”!)

What’s happened to Labor’s great “health reform”
It’s been Roxon’s job to misinform
Unable to sell Labor’s great hospital myth
She’s been ordered to lie low & shut up forewith

What cowardice and dishonesty Labor’s been showin’
And no greater example than Christopher Bowen
Trying to justify the plethora of boatpeople coming here
As Julia orders “Please just be quiet dear….”

Hey Steve Conroy, where have you been?
Trying to sell your NBN plan so obscene?
Nobody can justify your exorbitant plan
So sit down & shut up you incompetent man

They’ve all been so quiet as their Labor boat sinks
And they try to perpetuate policies that clearly stink
As the Labor backstabbers lie patiently in wait
They’ve been awfully quiet of late